Disclaimer for Gradient Yarn Products


Every cake is handmade. Due to popular demand, we are re-creating the colorway. If you've purchased this colorway before and need more for your project, please message us first to ensure they are from the same dye lot. We are currently adding a Lot # to each new batch we make. Also, please note that the picture showing is the EXACT lot your cake will come from.

Order Enough: 

Ensure color consistency by ordering enough yarn for your project.

Make sure to get enough for your project in a single order for a seamless and stress-free crafting experience.

Since the yarns are made by winding different colors of thread, it will be difficult for us to produce same exact cake each time we make new cake. 

We recommend starting from outside of the cake. This will help you avoid any frustrating tangles, especially if you're taking your project with you on the go.

Thank you for choosing our yarn. Happy crafting!