About Us

We are a small business specializing in gradient yarn, handmade crochet and knit accessories, where we take pride in creating and designing our own unique colorways. We carefully select and handcraft items with attention to detail.

Our skilled team crafts each product with passion and creativity, ensuring that every cake of yarn and every accessories is a work of art.

We are committed to providing you with not only the highest quality materials but also an exclusive range of colors that you won't find anywhere else.

Experience the joy of working with our carefully crafted colorways and elevate your creative projects to new levels of beauty and artistry.

  • Mission

    To share our love and passion for crafting and provide high-quality crafting supplies to our fellow crafters.

  • Vision

    To become the go-to store for crafters and DIY enthusiasts seeking unique and high-quality crafting supplies and ready-made gifts.

  • Our Promise

    To provide crafters with special yarns and custom color options for their projects, along with handmade items that make quality, one-of-a-kind gifts with excellent customer service and fast delivery.

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Meet the Owner

Hi everyone! I'm Rena, the creative force behind Rena's Thread and Crafts, formerly Dreamers Yarn shop. Coming from the beautiful island of Palawan, Philippines.

I'm passionate about crafting vibrant yarn for crafters like you! Our main product, gradient yarn, simplifies projects by eliminating the need to change colors, allowing for effortless creativity.

I started crocheting at a young age and I fell in love with the craft and developed a passion for yarn and hook magic. With the support of my husband, son and family, I've turned my love for yarn into a reality by establishing this store, providing job opportunities for some families in the Philippines and sharing my love for colorful yarn with you! We hope this venture will grow, allowing us to continue contributing to their livelihood and sharing our love for the craft with you.

Follow us, and let's spread the joy of crafting together!

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Join our yarn-loving community as we weave together a vibrant tapestry of passion, creativity, and colorful yarns that will make your heart skip a beat!